Electrical PE Power Supplemental Reference Exam

by Justin Kauwale, P.E.

40 Supplemental Reference Lookup Exam Problems for the Electrical Power PE Exam with detailed solutions. This reference specific exam was designed to test your familiarity and speed with NEC® and NESC®. Being able to navigate through the NEC® and NESC® code books is essential for 10 out of 80 questions of the test. The problems are written as close to the actual reference lookup portion of the exam as possible, with focus on the topics listed on the official exam syllabus.

Use this exam to gauge your level of preparedness for the code reference lookup problems and to practice your navigation through the NEC® and NESC®.


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80 questions in full exam format with exam level difficulty


  • Series: Power PE Exam
  • Title: Electrical PE Power Supplemental Reference Exam
  • Author: Justin Kauwale, P.E.
  • Pages: 80
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF or EBOOK
  • Publisher: Engineering Pro Guides
  • Last Updated: See latest errata.


Justin Kauwale PE, LEED AP is a professional engineer that is registered in both Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in practicing and teaching engineering to practicing engineers. He is the owner of this website and the writer of these books. If you have any questions, please contact him at

Electrical PE Power Supplemental Reference Exam

Electrical PE Power Supplemental Reference Exam.

  • Introduction

    Includes how to use the book and recommended references.
  • Questions

    Sample exam questions, covering reference lookup exam material.
  • Solutions

    How to complete each question with detailed instructions.

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The sample reference exam are written similar to the exam questions with similar difficulty level. The questions also have four possible solutions, with 1 correct answer and 3 other solutions that can be achieved by making common mistakes, just like the actual exam.

The sample reference exam was created based on the topics given by NCEES. 10 out of 80 questions of the exam are designated as "Codes and Standards" questions that require reference lookup. This is tested within the references sample exam.

For this sample exam, you will need the NEC® and NESC® Codes. Additional resources that will be useful for the full exam is provided in this list of Power references.

This is where Engineering Pro Guides sample exams are different from other sample exams. Our sample exams are created by practicing professional engineers who have passed the PE exam and recognized that the questions on the actual exam apply directly to our work. We are able to create sample exams based on our above analysis that are most representative of the actual exam.

The sample exam not only provides you a way to measure your progress and understanding of the material, the sample exam can also be used as a learning tool. The sample exam provides step by step solutions in order to help you understand the process of solving the problem.

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