Mechanical PE Machine Design & Materials Full Exam

by Justin Kauwale, P.E.

80 Exam Problems for the Mechanical Machine Design & Materials PE Exam with detailed solutions. This sample exam was designed to be as close to the actual exam as possible by following these key steps. First the topics were identified from the official website. Second, these topics were investigated for key concepts and skills that are commonly used by practicing mechanical engineers. Next, these key concepts and skills were filtered for those that could be tested in roughly 6 minutes per problem. Finally, this sample exam focuses on the principle or application of a skill or concept and not background knowledge of the topic or concept.

This systematic approach to developing sample problems, gives you near actual exam problems for the Mechanical Machine Design & Materials PE Exam. Use this exam to gauge your level of preparedness and to help focus your studying into your areas of need.

Test yourself in all the Machine Design PE Exam topics

  • Basic Engineering Practice (9 of 80 problems)
  • Engineering Science & Mechanics (10 of 80 problems)
  • Material Properties (8 of 80 problems)
  • Strength of Materials (10 of 80 problems)
  • Vibration (3 of 80 problems)
  • Mechanical Components (18 of 80 problems)
  • Joints & Fasteners (12 of 80 problems)
  • Supportive Knowledge (10 of 80 problems)



  • Series: How to Pass the Machine Design & Materials PE Exam
  • Title: Machine Design & Materials Sample Exam
  • Author: Justin Kauwale, P.E.
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF
  • Publisher: Engineering Pro Guides
  • Pages: 170+
  • Last Updated: See latest errata.


Justin Kauwale PE, LEED AP is a professional engineer that is registered in both Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in practicing and teaching engineering to practicing engineers. He wrote this book based on the input of several Mechanical Engineers. He is the owner of this website and the writer of these books. If you have any questions, please contact him at

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The sample exams are separated into a morning and afternoon session, each with 40 problems, just like the actual exam. The sample exam also has four possible solutions, with 1 correct answer and 3 other solutions that can be achieved by making common mistakes, just like the actual exam.

The sample exams were created based on the topics given by NCEES. Each topic is weighted by the probability that it will appear on the exam. The sample exam uses these percentages to ensure each topic is covered.

The sample exams were created based on the following analysis. There is only 6 minutes to complete each problem on average. This indicates that the problems can not be too detailed and complex. The problems are also meant to test your ability to practice engineering. Thus the problems can not be on obscure material and must be on often practiced material.

This is where Engineering Pro Guides sample exams are different from other sample exams. Our sample exams are created by practicing professional engineers who have passed the PE exam and recognized that the questions on the actual exam apply directly to our work. We are able to create sample exams based on our above analysis that are most representative of the actual exam.

The sample exam not only provides you a way to measure your progress and understanding of the material, the sample exam can also be used as a learning tool. The sample exam provides step by step solutions in order to help you understand the process of solving the problem.

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