Mechanical PE HVAC & Refrigeration Technical Study Guide

by Justin Kauwale, P.E.

Are you worried that you are focusing on the wrong material? Then learn the key skills and concepts for each of the topics covered in the PE exam through our detailed diagrams and explanations.
Do you need more exam practice? Practice each skill with over 50 practice problems, with step by step solutions.
Gain confidence in the following topics

  • Basic Engineering Practice (4 of 80 problems)
  • Thermodynamics (4 of 80 problems)
  • Psychrometrics (8 of 80 problems)
  • Heat Transfer (7 of 80 problems)
  • Fluid Mechanics (4 of 80 problems)
  • Energy/Mass Balance (5 of 80 problems)
  • Heating/Cooling Loads (8 of 80 problems)
  • Equipment & Components (18 of 80 problems)
  • Systems & Components (18 of 80 problems)
  • Supportive Knowledge (4 of 80 problems)


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  • Series: Mechanical PE Exam
  • Title: Mechanical PE HVAC & Refrigeration Technical Study Guide
  • Author: Justin Kauwale, P.E.
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF or EBOOK
  • Publisher: Engineering Pro Guides
  • Pages: 400+
  • Practice Problems: 50+
  • Last Updated January , 2018: See latest errata.


Justin Kauwale PE, LEED AP is a professional engineer that is registered in both Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in practicing and teaching engineering to practicing engineers. He is the owner of this website and the writer of these books. If you have any questions, please contact him at

Mechanical PE HVAC & Refrigeration Technical Study Guide

Mechanical PE HVAC & Refrigeration Technical Study Guide

  • Introduction

    Includes how to use the book and recommended references. Followed by the comprehensive study guide for the HVAC & Refrigeration Mechanical PE Exam.
  • Topics

    Covers all the HVAC & Refrigeration topics including Thermodynamics, Psychrometrics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Balances, Equipment and Components, Systems and Support Knowledge.
  • Practice Problems

    Test your understanding of the concepts and skills through practice problems. Please note that these problems are not of exam level, these problems are only to test a single concept or skill at a time. Most actual PM exam problems test multiple concepts or skills at the same time.
  • Key Equations

    Summary equations are provided for the various topics.
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