Engineering Pro Guides was designed to be a guide to Mechanical Engineers from the beginning of the career til the culmination of their career. Engineering Pro Guides is a Mechanical Engineer's partner as the engineer progresses through from engineer in training to becoming a senior engineer who is responsible for the work of others.

Graduate College
0 to 2 Years Experience

Beginning of your career

After you graduate college and you are working at your first job. We recommend that you work under a licensed professional engineer. A licensed P.E. will be your reference when you decide to take your P.E. exam. During this time you will be learning the basics at your job, but sometimes this does not include the concepts and skills that bridge the gap between the theory you learned in college and the practical application at your job. Engineering Pro Guides provides these concepts and skills in an easy to understand format that also includes practical application.

2 to 4 years

Eligible to take the PE Exam

After 2 years of experience under a licensed professional engineer, you will be eligible to take the Mechanical PE exam. Some states require 4 years of experience like Hawaii, but other states like California require only 2 years of experience. You can travel to a state that requires only 2 years and take the exam and then transfer the license after you reach the required amount of years in your state. Engineering Pro Guides provides valuable guidance and information on how to pass the PE exam.

4 to 6 years

Working independently

After you become a licensed professional engineer you will start to work independently and take on more responsibility. During this transition, you will need to increase your speed and competency in your work to be able to handle the additional responsibility. Engineering Pro Guides provides you with easy to use tools that are designed to save you time throughout your day.

6 to 10 years

Managing younger engineers

During this period, you will begin to manage younger engineers and will be responsible for the work that they complete under your supervision. The difficulty with this step is maintaining quality control over the younger engineers work. Engineering Pro Guides provides you with quality control tools designed to help you review the work of other engineers.

10 years and beyond

Leading teams of engineers

Finally as you become a senior engineer you will be responsible for leading a team of engineers. At this level, you will have to not only maintain quality control but will also be required to lead. A big part of leading is teaching. Engineering Pro Guides provides you with the material to teach your teams of engineers.